Code on the Beach 2015

I was honored to be accepted to speak at Code on the Beach this year! (2015). Code on the Beach is an amazing conference down in »

Setup ESLint with ES6 in Sublime Text

ESLint is a JavaScript linter/style checker that has quickly risen in popularity for a number of reasons. First of all, it's easily plugable. Second, it's »

Comic Con 2015 Friday Highlights

Here's some of the highlights of my (SDCC) Comic Con 2015 photos. I'll add some more as I get them uploaded. Seeing the cast of The »

Hadley's First Laughs

Yesterday my cute baby laughed for the first time! We were playing with the dogs, and she started little giggles, and then just started rolling laughing. »

What the Flux?

I've been really diving into wrapping my brain around React.js and Flux architecture the last couple of weeks. Not going to lie, I've been avoiding »

Make your GitHub account hack proof with 2 factor auth

Security. So important these days. Feels like every day there's some new big site being hacked. One of the best ways to be hack proof on »