Advanced WebPack Part 3 - Creating a custom notifier plugin

At Lonely Planet we use the heck out of WebPack. It's an incredibly powerful tool. Sometimes it takes a while though. I decided today that rather »

WebPack Code splitting with ES6 and Babel 6

Today is the day that finally, we decided it was time to make the move from Babel 5 to 6. It's been on our Technical Debt »

Advanced WebPack Part 2 - Code Splitting

WebPack has a feature that utilizes the AMD spec called Code Splitting. What it allows you to do is "split your code" (insert troll face). Seriously, »

Not the Christmas Eve we expected

It all started as a normal Christmas Eve this year. Woke up, wrapped presents, spent time with my wife and daughter. On my way to my »

A letter for my sister and her husband

Today is the day. My little sister will no longer be a Creamer, and will join together for the rest of her life with a great »

Document ES6 with ESDoc

I've been writing a lot of ES6(ES2015) at Lonely Planet the past few months. It comes with so many welcome changes to JavaScript, and with »